Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Shocking Loss ...

As I left the cabin following my meetings with the Freshwater Fishing Hall-of-Fame Selection Committee, I could not have been in higher spirits. Our committee had selected a great group of new inductees in the Hall-of-Fame, all worthy of this highest honor, and I was returning home with lots of positive momentum. My good mood was shattered as I received news that, only hours after leaving the north woods, Bobby Jennaro -- chef, dedicated angler, fishing companion, friend, younger brother of my sister's husband -- had suddenly collapsed and died in the cabin kitchen. He was only 47 46 years old.

Bobby and his wife Suzie fishing at the cabin from a couple of years past.

To say that this came out of the blue and that we are shocked beyond words does not convey our emotions. He was not a professional fishermen but I don't know anyone who enjoyed fishing more than he did. Rest in peace, Bobby ... and I hope that where you're at there are steaks on the grill and that you are hooked up to a big one. God bless you and your family in this tragic hour.

-- Dr. Todd