Saturday, August 3, 2013

Letterheadings with Jim Jordan: Pepper

This four page folder is undated, but due to the P.O. Box 305- Rome, N.Y. listing  and the baits offered, I believe it to be from around the same time period as the Pepper advertising cards recently featured. The heading on this piece  "Pepper Puts 'Pep' in your Fishing Tackle Department"  gives the indication that these folders targeted tackle resellers, rather than individual anglers.

The folder cover states "Established Year 1860". This must be a reference to the Pepper who started the family in the tackle business, Johan Franz Pepper, who started making fishing rods in the 1860's time period. This folder lists approximately thirty lures as well as snelled hook cards. Some of the companies early baits were still being offered in this folder.  The Century Spinner was simply an example of the circa 1902 New Century Ball Spinner with an updated name.

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Jim Jordan

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