Monday, October 3, 2011

News of the Week: 03 October 2011

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Canadian collector Andy Clements is a gem…Washington resident carves lures…Texas has an anti tackle appraisal…Hilyer's tackle shop…national fishing month is a huge success…it's fisherama time in Australia…New Yorker catches big marlin…maintain your rod and piece of woman's heart goes missing…the fly of the week is the High Tie Shad Minnow…jigs are awesome…Welsh singer Cerys Matthews is an angler…Field & Stream's vintage tackle winner is a doozey…it must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Canadian collector Andy Clements donates a huge part of his collect to the Ontario Hunting & Fishing Heritage Center.

Washington resident carves vintage style lures.

Visit the Texas antique tackle appraisal.

Hilyer's tackle shop is reeling in customers.

National fishing month was a huge success in Britain.

It's Fisherama time in Australia.

New Yorker catches 445 pound marlin.

John Merwin reminds us to maintain our tackle.

Why fall is a prime time for peacock bass.

A fishing rod and a piece of a woman's heart went missing.

Rods and reels for surf fishing.

Ex-Mariners slugger Jay Buhner is a big hit with the fishing rod.

Seven great flies for the Boston metropolitan area.

Salmon river in central New York is worth the ride.

The fly of the week is the High-Tie Shad Minnow.

Why the jig is the most versatile lure of all.

Famous Welsh singer Cerys Matthews is hooked on fishing.

Finishing with a Flourish: This week's Field & Stream vintage tackle winner is the Semco Beetle-Bomb.

-- Dr. Todd

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