Sunday, March 6, 2011

1000 Words

1000 Words

This week we have a 1000 Words mystery, sent in by Colby Sorrells, author of the great book The Flyfisher's Guide to the Texas Gulf Coast.

Colby is a dedicated Langley reel fan, and he writes:

I recently found the attached Langley banner. It shows a seal with a crown holding up a Langley Spin Deluxe 830. I believe the message is "Royal seal of approval" or "Crown seal of approval" or "Deluxe seal of approval." I would guess some person of royalty thought enough of the Langley reel to give it their seal of approval similar to the Swedish King giving ABU their Crown seal..

The attached photo was discovered showing the same banner with two men. The American flag flys from the ceiling in the background. The best we can date the photo is 1958 or 1959 based on the other reels in the photo. I know Langley reels were displayed in an exhibit in Moscow at one time.

I wanted to see if you might be able to show the photo on your blog and see if the identity of the two men could be determined. Also any help with the "seal of approval" would be appreciated.

If anyone can help out Colby, please send him an email at texasbassbugger AT yahoo DOT com.

-- Dr. Todd

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