Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fishing For History Turns 4!

Four years ago today the Fishing for History Blog started as a solitary voice in the wilderness. Now, as we close in on a million visits and many more than that page views, it has certainly grown into something I could never have anticipated. I could not have done it without help from contributors like Bill Sonnett, Dick Streater, and numerous others who have sent in material. Trust me, there are times when it is a huge p.i.t.a. But overall, it is a phenomenal experience and I truly enjoy getting to know people through it.

When it comes down to it, what I am appreciative of is people like you who come and read what we have to say every day. So thank you for indulging me and everyone else who contributes to the blog.

My goal for 2011 is to try out some new things, and to try and find at least one more weekly writer...hint hint.

So happy birthday to the Fishing for History Blog! Four years is a LONG time but it's been a lot of fun and I look forward to running the blog well into the future.

-- Dr. Todd

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