Monday, March 7, 2011

News of the Week: 06 March 2011

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Scientists find 12,000 year old fishing tackle..French trout season is upon us…EU minister ban fish dumping…March Madness, fishing style…Fred Hall show celebrates 65 years…Steve Toone is remembered…Al Lindner's fishing challenge…ice fishing season melts away…warden may end up in jail for fishing trip…new world record walleye (catch-and-release)…Tom Rosnebauer is angler of the year…smallest fish ever on rod-and-reel…David James Duncan gets interviewed…Pure Fishing buys Sebile…a musky man…34 pound northern is a monster…Pflueger's Tandem Spinner is the vintage tackle winner this week…it must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Scientists find 12,000 year old fishing tackle 12,000 year old fishing tackle .

French anglers are preparing for trout season .
FINALLY EU ministers ban fish dumping .

March Madness, fishing style .

Aussies are ready to hook the big one .

The Fred Hall show celebrates 65 years .

Noted British angler Steve Toone is remembered.

Al Lindner hosts a fishing challenge.

Ice fishing season melts away .

Fishing trip may land warden in hot water .

A new world record walleye for catch-and-release.

Angler and Orvis marketing man Tom Rosnebauer is FLy ROd & Reel's angler of the year.

New world record…for smallest fish on a rod-and-reel ?

An interview with The River Why author David James Duncan .

Good news after all! Dayton's Fisherman's Quarters is coming back after all.

Tackle Talk says get over it (the purchase of Sebile by Pure Fishing, that is).

Classic names with allure even today.

A man of many rare and precious muskies .

Lancashire angler nets 34 pound northern .

Finishing with a Flourish: Pflueger's Luminous Spinner is the next prize winner on Field & Stream's vintage fishing tackle contest.

-- Dr. Todd

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