Monday, March 14, 2011

News of the Week: 14 March 2011

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The Tackle Box closes…fishing season begins on the Isle of Man…all hail the Gizzard Shad…bamboo habitats for fish…fly fishing France…boosting your billfish odds…how to catch a 1000 pound fish…put a rug in your boat…IGFA finally approves tuna record…monster pike in Lake Evans…the secret to KVD's victory…monster Mako misses record…11 year old better angler than you, catches 31" walleye…Iowa painter of fishing lures wins duck stamp contest…it must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: The legendary Tackle Box in Gainesville is closing.

Reservoir fishing on the Isle of Man begins this week.

Captain Gus says spring will put boats in the water.

In praise of Gizzard Shad.

Bamboo habitats benefit lakes.

Fly fishing France.

How to boost your billfish odds.

How to catch a 1000 pound fish.

Put a rug in that fishing boat.

IGFA finally approves a world record Yellowfin.

Lake Evans produces monster pike.

Boyd Duckett explains why KVD won the Classic.

Al Lindner has been spinning for 56 years.

Monster Mako misses the world record by a few pounds.

11 year old better angler than you; catches 11 pound 8 ounce walleye.

Finishing with a Flourish: Iowa painter of fishing lures wins fifth Duck Stamp event.

-- Dr. Todd

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