Friday, November 6, 2009

UPDATE: Worst. Packaging. Ever.

UPDATE: Worst. Packaging. Ever.

Some of you may recall I have had my woes about packaging (Click Here and then if you have the stomach for it Click Here). But in all my years of collecting, I've never seen anything like what Steve Bodeen went through. He posted this on Joe's Board and I just had to repost it here, because frankly I'm stunned.

I'll let Steve describe it:

"Not only did they take the pins out to take the collar off, because they didn't want to use a larger box. He taped the lure to the cardboard, right across the lure body. No padding. I emailed seller of the bait and scolded them already. Never know what your going to get."

He later wrote me:

I was amazed.  Not only did he not cover the hooks, he took off the pinned collar and taped the lure to the side of the box so it wouldn't slide around.  I was SHOCKED to say the least.

I guess shocking is the only way to describe it...when I saw the picture for the first time I almost started gagging. It's almost a work of art how bad this is. The picture is horrifyingly fascinating, in the same way people can't stop staring at a picture of a wrecked exotic car.

Don't fret, however, Steve reports that the lure is actually fine.

I hope to never see a worse packaging job than this, but you never know!

-- Dr. Todd

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