Monday, November 2, 2009

News of the Week: 02 November 2009

Monster shark alert in Australia...48 pound Lake St. Clair musky...sturgeon on their way back...a huge Grouper...Florida loses a fishing icon...a Chinese tackle merchant...Guy Harvey is a hall-of-famer...woman uses fishing rod to defraud reds...braided line is making a comeback...a new record herring?...2 rods 1 for must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Jaws is Real!

A massive 48 pound musky is caught in Lake St. Clair.

Even more news on the potential demise of the bluefin...

But we do have some good news: sturgeon are on the rise in the Great Lakes.

Holy big Groupers, batman!

A florida community loses a fishing icon in John B. Sweeney.

If you're ever in Bangkok, check out the fishing tackle display at the Soon Phum Panya Thai Bance Centre.

One Chinese businessman is tackling fishing head on.

A new (albeit late) review of the Lost World of Mr. Hardy from the august Times of London.

Guy Harvey is inducted into the IGFA Hall-of-Fame.

How to beat the flu? Go fishing.

An Old Dominion Univ. science project may end up with a wonderful new fishing rod for the disabled.

Woman uses fishing rod to defraud her neighbors of £30,000.

More EPL soccer player anglers...

Don't get discouraged with the thought of fly angling.

Monster reds are invading...

Catch more fish with braided lines.

Gene Kelly would be happy: fishin' in the rain.

Monty Python would be proud: a new Herring may be a record.

One man catches one fish.on two rods...

Finishing WIth a Flourish: Angler lands...crocodile ?

-- Dr. Todd

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