Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The First NFLCC Lure Auction by Dick Streater (1979)

Dick Streater writes in with a fascinating piece of lure collecting history...

The First NFLCC Lure Auction
by Dick Streater

In the interview we did for the Sept. Gazette, we did not cover the FIRST NFLCC lure auction by mail - sale.  It was held by me - Sept. 1979.The sale list was mailed only to NFLCC members that had previously ordered my "Bible" that came out in 1978.  I guess I figured that those folks were interested in the hobby, and would be likely potential buyers.The sale was 100% Heddon baits.
There were 66 different bidders - and 29 of them were buyers of one or more lures.
Here are some of the lures and their winning bids:
No.500  Multiple Metal Minnow - $105      
No. 900  Swimming Minnow - $151
 Solid Red Casting Plug w/Decal - $15      
No.51  Artistic Minnow w/Buoy - $87
 No.300 Surfusser (6 trebles)  -  $55         
No.40  Walton Feathertail  -  $36
 No.700 Muskollonge Minnow (3 Trebles) - $115    
No. 610  Coast Minnow (2.5") - $158

Wow! Pretty amazing prices. How times change. I sure would love a shot at that 700 minnow for $115...of the Surfusser for $55!

Thanks Dick for sending this in!

-- Dr. Todd

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