Monday, November 23, 2009

News of the Week: 23 November 2009

NFLCC Member reviews NFLCC member's book...bass on fly rods is ambitious?...learn your aqua etiquette...a Prince George hardware tackle merchant celebrates 90 years...a lifetime of model airplanes (and tackle) comes to auction...a full week of musky...lead tackle ban again causes controversy...IGFA is still making no decision...the hardest pulling fish?...Big Shark....catch-and-eat...a surprise 16 pound Pacu...and a 6 foot barracuda...Heddon ornaments? must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: NFLCC Member Robbie Pavey reviews NFLCC Member Bill Baab's new book, Remembering George Perry.

Water temps favor big bass in Natchez.

Catching bass on a fly rod is ambitious.

Why anglers should learn to practice Aqua etiquette.

Prince George's Northern Hardware celebrates 90 years of business, including selling fishing tackle.

One Winsted, CT man's lifetime collection of model planes and fishing tackle is coming to gavel.

A full week of musky...or more succinct, a full week of trying to catch musky.

Lead tackle ban in the news again.

The IGFA has still not decided on the potential Japanese world record bass.

British anglers loses five thousand pounds of tackle in theft.

Welsh anglers are concerned about climate change.

Field & Stream's John Merwin weighs in on the hardest pulling fish.

Holy Sharks batman!!!

Why catch-and-eat may not be such a bad thing.

Keys angler shocked by 6-foot barracuda.

Sunfish anglers catch 16 pound Pacu.

Finishing with a Flourish: Sheesh. It's Black Friday time again, even for anglers. Where else would you get your Heddon ornaments?

-- Dr. Todd


Bill said...

If the Barracuda in the picture is really "six-feet long" the fellow in the middle must be about eight feet tall.

Teal said...

Good catch!