Saturday, November 21, 2009

UNID Files #17: The Mysterious James Reel of Kansas

While not quite an "UNID," Dean Murphy sends us photos of a mysterious Kansas reel called the James Reel I've never heard about before. Perhaps someone out there can illuminate us on when it was made and, perhaps, send in some additional information on who made it. Here's what Dean wrote:

I am sending pictures of a reel which  seems to be an unknown. It is the James reel made by James Inc. of Independence, Kansas.A friend of mine grew up in Independence and his father gave it to him in about 1950. He is not looking to sell the reel but would like some history and, of course, value.

Anyone with info on the James reel can contact Murph directly at dam AT socket DOT net.

-- Dr. Todd


black99hawk said...
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black99hawk said...

I have this same reel, in the box, and never used. still have the extra spool with a heavy wax coated fishing line on it. I am from kansas and found this in a barn several years ago. I've been trying to find out about it for several years with no luck. If anyone finds out any info on this then I'd appreciate and email.


mhackney said...

Dr. Todd, I just picked one of these up too in its box with pink instruction sheet and a separate typed "Dear Customer" sheet. My reel is pristine with a tan hammered enamel finish and extra spool.

The instructions show 2 models, a Model A single action and a Model B Rapid Retrieve. Mine is a Model B.