Monday, October 19, 2009

News of the Week: 19 October 2009

Crocodile attacks angler as he reels in record fish...Great Whites are show offs...cod in danger...IGFA's new hall-of-fame class...huge cache of tackle found in attic...Florida fly anglers unite...Sand tigers are the coolest invention wins Wisconsin family grand prize...luncheon meat lands huge catfish...why Jim Victorine is the Rod must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Crocodile attacks angler as he lands record fish.

Ryan Leaf, one of the biggest busts in the history of the NFL awaiting extradition on 8 felony drug charges, is now a rep for a Canadian fishing lodge.

Great White Shark shows off (again), leaps out of water 300 yards from L.A. Beach.

First the bluefin tuna, now the cod is in danger of disappearing...

Huge cache of tackle is found in Attic.

The IGFA announces its 11th induction class.

In Florida, fly anglers are coming together.

Fishing is still important in Oswego.

How to maintain rods and reels.

Why the Sand TIger is the coolest shark.

These Ball State students learn the art of fly tying.

This Odenville, Alabama man makes great custom fishing rods.

Fishing invention wins Wisconsin family grand prize in contest.

The Hindu says to bite the Finnish bait.

Luncheon meat lands monster catfish.

Finishing With a Flourish: Why they call Jim Victorine the Rod Doctor.

-- Dr. Todd

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