Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Funhouse

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As winter comes barreling down on the great state of Ohio, my thoughts turn to spring at the Beginning of Roaring River.

Things I Would Buy If I Could Only Afford Them

A Penn Spinnfisher 711 in black is a super cool spinning reel.

The Ed. vom Hofe "Commander Ross" 14/0 behemoth is about as nice of a saltwater reel as you will find.

The classic Kentucky reel: a B.C. Milam #4.

A Heddon #150 from ca. 1905 is one of the few things on which a high forehead is a thing of beauty.

An Al Foss Easy Control No. 3-25 reminds me of my brother, who is recovering from major surgery. He once called me excitedly after a tackle show where he'd run across an Al Foss reel, and told me that when he spun the handle it ran for ever and ever. Get better soon, brother.

Hardy Bros. was not known for spinning reels, but this Altex No. 2 is a nifty find.

Expert minnows are consistently confounding for me; this Woods model is a nifty find even if I don't know where it fits in the Expert family tree.

A Bite-Em-Bate in the box is a super cool boxed combo.

Fin Nor made some beautiful reels, and this 9/0 is a good example of their aesthetics.

If Zink Screwtails are rare, the advertising must be impossible to find.

A Creek Chub Pikie in Red Head/Orange with Black Spots! Yes, please.

Pflueger 5-hook minnows sometimes get shoved aside by Heddons and Shakespeares, but this Wizard is a sweet bait.

Ah yes -- my favorite baitcasting reel. The ABU Ambassadeur 5000.

A Heddon Spindiver in Green Crackleback is a great bait.

Millsite Daily Doubles have skyrocketed of late; this spin size in the box is no exception.

With its angular sides, the Heddon "00" must have been a very difficult lure to manufacture.

A CCBC Injured Minnow #1500 in rainbow is a sweet find.

This Montague fly rod has already attracted 19 bids.

An Ed. vom Hofe Model 360 is an unusual hand-made reel.

Wow! The Red Scale on this Heddon Zaragossa is just beautiful.

If the Ambassadeur 5000 is my favorite all-time casting reel, the Mitchell 300 is my favorite all-time spinning reel (along with the 308). In honor of Wallace Carney's forthcoming book, this nice NIB package is a terrific example of this popular reel.

This ultra rare Scottish William Landell brass fly reel is an incredibly cool find.

As always, have a good weekend, and be good to each other--and yourself.

-- Dr. Todd

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