Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dealer Display Cards, Part 14

Dealer Display Cards, Part 14: Allcock!

Joe Stagnitti sent this in this week and I have to say when it comes to Dealer Display items, this one pretty much takes the cake!

Hi Todd,
Thought this would only be fitting for your latest blog post regarding Allcock as well as your continuing series on advertising pieces. This is an original 1890's wooden hinged display cases, complete with it's original baits, all sewn to the original cards.

Have had this for many years and it's one of my favorites. Includes lots of rare baits, Cleopatra, Jointed Cleopatra, Clipper, Paragon variation, 2 Livesey patent baits, all of the original rubber fly baits, etc....

-- Dr. Todd

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