Monday, October 12, 2009

News of the Week: 11 October 2009

A celebration of Adirondack legend Fran Betters...10 year old better angler than you...bamboo enthusiast Pete Jorgensen passes...Big Macks are back...tackle shop burglas are on the loose...Long Island fishing is a blast...two handed fly rods...U of Wisconsin inventors win contest with fishing state record musky for Michigan...Gus Harvey is now an IGFA invasive species alert...a new bass movie...rare tropical species caught in Britain...breast cancer survivors get free fly fishing must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: A celebration of the life of the late Fran Betters.

10-year old much, much better angler than you: catches 52 pound halibut.

Noted bamboo rod enthusiast Pete Jorgensen passes away.

Don't store your tackle for the winter just yet...

Ah yes, the Big Macks are indeed whoppers.

Tackle shop burglars are still on the loose.

Fall fishing on Long Island.

Here are some new gadgets for the angler in your life.

The truth about two-handed fly rods.

A fishing inventions wins U of Wisconsin inventors contest.

The closing of black sea bass fishery stirs controversy.

Why ripping lures can work in shallow water.

ESPN launches Fishing America with a profile of a football coach who is also a bass angler.

One writer reports the big one got away. Again.

A surf fishing workshop.

Clark County, Washington anglers don't like the single, barbless hook rules.

All hail the Headington Shark!!

Guy Harvey will be inducted into the IGFA Hall-of-Fame.

A 33.8 pound striped bass makes one lady angler ecstatic.

Anglers land 750-pound Mako Shark.

A giant billfish gives three anglers the ride of their life.

10-year old boy better angler than you; lands 30-inch Northern.

Invasive Species Alert: the is wreaking havoc Australian Swamp Stonecrop.

A new Michigan state record musky has been caught in Torch Lake.

When it comes to fishing, not everything that counts can be counted.

BASS Anglers make their big screen bow in the premier of Bass: The Movie.

A rare tropical fish is caught in Britain for the first time.

Finishing With a Flourish: Women recovering from breast cancer can now get fly angling lessons.

-- Dr. Todd

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