Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Review: ORCA's Reel News (September 2009)

Thursday Review: ORCA's Reel News (September 2009)

The mail recently brought the latest edition of ORCA's Reel News, and as always, it was informative and interesting.

Feature articles this issue include Charlie Tanner's intriguing "Waltco's Ny-O-Lite Spinning Reels," which covers these fascinating plastic spinning reels. Nice job Charlie!

Bob Miller's always interesting "Pflueger Pfacts" column details world records caught with Pflueger tackle. "Contests, World Records, and Tackle Promotions at Enterprise" is an entertaining look at some really, really big fish. Record fish caught by such famed anglers as Zane Grey and Ted Pflueger were prominently featured by Enterprise Manufacturing.

My own offering this issue is "Algonacs and Tashmoos: The Reels of the Buhl Sons Co. of Detroit." It details the trade reels from this large Michigan-based wholesale hardware company.

Stu Lawson offered up "Your Christmas List" and, as always, I enjoy anything Stu has to write about. Jim Madden's South Bend column this month is "South Bend Go-Withs" that covers the plethora of oddball items that the SB collector can get to go with their collections.

Jim Schottenham's "Auction Report" is the regular reminder of all the great reels I did not purchase off eBay in the past two months. It's very fun. Frank Mulligan gives us a nifty story about Zebco entitled "The One That Didn't Get Away." Finally, Col. Milton Lorens gives us The Reel Fix for the Okuma Magda 30D.

The Reel News is deftly edited by Richard K. Lodge. If you're not a member of ORCA (and if you're not, c'mon man!) you can join up by Clicking Here.

-- Dr. Todd

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