Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The (Fall) 2009 Cincinnati Tackle Show

The (Fall) 2009 Cincinnati Tackle Show

The Cincinnati Lure Show, hosted by John Nunn, was held this past weekend and I thought I'd post some photos and a bit of commentary for those who missed it. I believe it is the only show held twice per year, in the spring and fall, and seems to be growing as I keep seeing new faces. Many people come from far away--such as Johnny Garland--and it's always great to see local collectors.

A shot in front of the rooms...lots of tackle!

Setting up in the parking lot.

More outdoor tables.

Tons of great rods available this year.

Here is John Birchfield's neat display of Beatle Bugs.

Birchfield also had these two great displays of Heddon Tiny 13s.

My friend John Caldwell always has great stuff.

Here is a sample: reels galore!

A Meeting of Minds: From left to right, Doug Carpenter, John Caldwell, Mike Hines, and Jerry Schemechko.

Bob Bowld's really neat Worthington Anniversary trade reel.

Tackle shows almost require show and tell. Here's some of the items I was able to get at this fall's Cincinnati show.

When's the last time you've seen a hard rubber Montague level wind? Especially one marked Tomahawk.

A friend traded me this really cool Vim Casting Montague trade reel.

A Montague trade reel marked La Belle Jeweled.

This brass reel ca. 1875 was a tremendous find. It's nearly identical to one I bought at the last nationals except it has the exceptional long (and unfiled!) foot.

A box of Marshall-Wells carded flies.

This Burmek in the box is a neat bait.

I bought some items I don't usually purchase:

I've never bought an old net before, but I've seen these Hawco folding nets in many pre-1920 catalogs, and it was in outstanding condition. I couldn't pass it up.

I added this John Gliebe glass boat rod to my small but growing saltwater rod collection.

Picked up this odd "Pan American State o' Maine" glass fly rod.

And this nifty Heddon Mark 1 glass rod--never fished--which came in an Orvis tube.

All in all, the Cincinnati show was a blast. Steve Lumpkin, Jerry Schemechko and myself had a great lunch to conclude the activities. I can't wait until the spring!

-- Dr. Todd

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