Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week
Is this the End of the Road for the Bluefin Tuna?

Things I Would Buy If I Could Only Afford Them
A Heddon Black Sucker #1300 is a super nice lure.

This gorgeous Cherokee creel is a wonderful piece.


This Millsite Rattlebug is an early and very rare model.

This ABU Ambassadeur 5000 Deluxe gold baitcaster has the ABU collectors going insane.

This CCBC Dingbat in a nice Western Auto color is a great trade company lure.

Holy Moly has this Paw Paw attracted interest!

This Tuttle's Devil Bug in the box is a great combination of a classic fly rod lure.

The Pflueger Scramble finish--nifty!

This is a gorgeous CCBC Husky Wiggler.

The Gee Whiz Frog in the box is a great lure for the frog collector.

A nifty Acme Triangular Glass Minnow Trap would make a fine display.

The Turner Spider in the box is a bizarre and intriguing lure.

Mitchells are awesome spinning reels, and this Mitchell 408 in the box is a great find.

A CCBC fly rod mouse--in nice condition--will make some fly rod bait collector happy.

Blue Flash is a very underrated color, and this CCBC Husky shows you why.

Oh, you've got to love this vintage Victorian leather flytying kit.

This Heddon Heritage with plastic see-through side plates is a great demo reel.

A Browning Lew Childre speed spool would be just as fun to take fishing today as it did when it was new.

The final entry this week is one of my favorite lures: the Creek Chub Sucker.

As always, have a safe and happy weekend, and be good to each other--and yourself.

-- Dr. Todd

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