Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nationals Report #1 (Sort Of)

I am here in Peoria, and have to say, it is amazing. One thing I noticed so far this year is that everyone I have talked to is in a terrific mood. I expected people to be down a bit from the state of the economy, gas prices, ect., but this year people are particularly cheerful. Several people speculated that in difficult economic times, people need their hobbies more than at any other time.

I am off to set up The Whitefish Press table. Had a great time last night pre-launching Jeff Kieny's new book Patented Fish Hooks, Harnesses, and Bait-Holders and Don Wheeler's Frog Lures of Yesterday and Today. It was a great honor to help these men bring these books to market.

I am going to try and live blog from the floor. Might not work. If not, I will post again tonight.

-- Dr. Todd


billsonnett said...

Dr Todd, as the Artistic minnow was discontinued after the 1908 season and the box illustrated did not begin use until 1923, I have serious doubts about the use of the term "correct box" in this case

Wild Bill Sonnett

Teal said...

Thanks Bill! Wasn't seeing straight after 10 hours on the floor!