Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Funhouse

The Friday Funhouse

Video of the Week

The hot weather got me thinking cool thoughts last week...this week I thought I'd continue the trend. Just watching this makes me feel cool all over!!!

Things I Would Buy If I Could Afford Them

This is a neat Meek & Sons #3 Kentucky Style baitcaster.

I'm not usually a fan of buying empty lure boxes, but these three Salmon boxes might make me change my mind.

There are some neat fly rods on eBay this week; we start with this two-piece Leonard 6' Super Fairy Wand. They don't come shorter or rarer than these.

This Russ Peak fiberglass fly rod is one of the most coveted modern rods.

The Heddon #50 President is a fine fly rod, but certainly the subtitle is hyperbole at its highest form.

I love this Heddon Artistic Minnow #50 and casting buoy in incorrect downward leaping bass box.

A Creek Chub Injured Minnow in Gantron Fire Lacquer is a rare bird indeed.

The Evans Eagle Claw is one of the most desirable spring loaded hooks ever made.

This Bill Edwards Quadrate rod would be a great stream casting instrument.

Another nice Heddon fly rod--the Henshall Handkraft, made for Weber of Stevens Point, Wisconsin and named after the great Dr. James Henshall.

A Heddon Tiny Lucky 13 rarely breaks three figures, unless its in a color as rare as this one.

A Heddon River Runt in all red would make any runt collector's day.

An F.C. Woods Expert Minnow is a great find.

Instant collection alert: 21 different Millsite river runt knock-offs.

A Bagley Reb II is going to make some Bagley collector really, really happy.

This is a great Abbey & Imbrie "The Ghost" lure in its original box.

Shakespeare is not known for its saltwater reels, but this week a pair have attracted some attention. The first is an awesome Miller Autocrat. I wonder if it comes with the one dollar bills?

The second Shakespeare saltwater reel is this terrific Sword Fish Reel marked with a Shakespeare patent on the side plate.

-- Dr. Todd from Peoria, Illinois

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