Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Finnish Minnow by Henrik Londen: Update 1

The Finnish Minnow by Henrik Londen: Update 1

Henrik Londen's recent History of the Finnish Minnow was one of the most popular guest features ever on my blog. He very graciously sent me the following addendum, which I share with you, along with his commentary.

These are pictures of Toivo Pylvalainen, the inspiration for the rapala minnow. As my wife says, this is what I would have turned into had I not met her.


The following one where he is testing a lure, the younger guys are Lauri Rapala's sons.

Here is Toivo with his wooden fishing boat:

Finally, Toivo in his house. Note the massive Norlund-type pike gaff.

Anyone with any information on Finnish Minnows or lures should contact Henrik at

Many thanks to Henrik for this neat update!

-- Dr. Todd

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