Monday, April 14, 2008

The News of the Week: 14 April 2008

Vice President Cheney is accused of catching angling for more than stupidity is a sign of the with a cast net?...14 year old girl is fishing guide...12 year old boy lands 12-foot hammerhead shark...NFLCC member Alan Bakke gets profiled by his hometown paper...Colorado governor gets fly rod made by fishing snobs get their comeuppance...legendary rock star holds fly fishing world must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: While out fishing, Vice President Dick Cheney is accused of catching more than bass in the reflection of his sunglasses.

Bobby Hill of The Northwest Arkansas Times profiles a master collector's obsession with fishing tackle.

The Alamogordo News details a neophyte angler's inaugural piscatorial jaunt.

Lee Stokes tells us that (fishing) stupidity is just a sign of the times.

A proposed bait and tackle shop has caused a veritable brouhaha on Lake Elsinore, California.

From the Sign of the Times Files: British provincial fishing regulations now printed in Chinese.

This is Derbyshire relates how female angling in Britain has just gotten a big boost.

Governator Schwarzenegger signs a bill to help the ailing Salmon industry; meanwhile, salmonless anglers deign to stoop to freshwater fishing.

Bill Thompson opines on tackle made in America.

The Naples News has all you need to know about cast netting history.

The Litchfield County Times waxes poetic about fishing opening on the Housatonic.

The British say never mind the light tackle, here come the carp! Complete with world's smallest internet photo.

Mormons Love Old Fishing Tackle Too: The Deseret News argues that old lures could be worth big bucks, or just memories.

14 Year Old Girl is a MUCH, MUCH better angler than you; is also fishing guide, so she has a better job than you too.

Extreme musky fishing. As if casting for a week and not catching anything isn't extreme enough...

Career criminal scams tackle shop for $5000 worth of gear, finally gets caught.

The Kennebeck Journal informs us that weighted flies rule the fly fishing world.

12-year old girl is much better angler than you, lands huge halibut.

12-year old boy is much, much, much better angler than you, lands 12-foot hammerhead shark.

What to get the angler who has everything: the ultimate fishing watch.

BBC News reports that sport fishing brings in 22.5 million pounds to the local Northern Irish economy. I believe, with current exchange rates, that is equivalent to three billion dollars American.

Long-time Minnesota collector Alan Bakke is profiled by his hometown Osakis Review, reveals love of Fisherettos.

The Worcester Telegram relates that old fishing lures jump-started a whole hobby.

From the Orvis in Cell Block D Files: Prison warden presents Colorado governor Bill Ritter with fly rod custom made by prisoners.

What's in a color? A chartreuse by any other name would catch as sweet. Or so one angler writes.

Syracuse, NY: Where fly fishing snobs get no love. The quote of the week: Fishing snobs "get these young kids thinking that if they take this up at age 4, maybe at the age of 370 they'll be a good casteer. The hell with that. That's not how it is."

Donnybrook on the Dock: 20 anglers engage in melee over fishing right-of-way. The lesson, of course, is that beer and fishing rarely mix.

Finishing with a Flourish: Jeremiah fished a Bullfrog! Cory Wells, founder of rock band Three Dog Night, also holds a fly fishing world record.

-- Dr. Todd

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