Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Review: Lang's Auction Catalog

Well, since I screwed up and posted the Friday Funhouse on Thursday, today the Thursday Review comes on Friday. We're whacky like that here at Fishing for History. Seriously, I totally lost an entire day. I'm not sure where it went, but if you find an extra 24 hours somewhere its probably mine.

We are kicking off our annual celebratory event known as Lang's week here with a review of the latest auction catalog. Honestly, I can't believe more people don't scramble to purchase these as learning resources, as they are absolutely stunningly well done books in their own right. In every auction catalog I've gotten there are at least 30 pieces not pictured anywhere else, from the Thad Norris rod last November to the incredible collection of Schwiebert materials in this month's auction. For the price, the auction books are a bargain. You can pick up a copy (and back copies) by clicking here.

Next week we'll be spending some time dissecting the offerings from the catalog, and hopefully, doing a bit of live blogging as well. This semi-annual event has been something I really look forward to, although I don't relish being outbid on many of the items that I want!

You can rewind the clock and look at our coverage of last November's auction by starting here. Or you can type "Lang's" into the search function at the top left of this web page.

-- Dr. Todd

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