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Lang's Week Part 2

Lang's Week Part 2

Continued from yesterday, we have a whole new slate of expert opinions on the upcoming Lang's auction.

We start of with James K. Garrett. Garrett is one of the short list of collectors who is extremely knowledgeable in multiple areas of collecting. Here are two of his choices:

1) 1427: RARE Patent Model Stuart Marked Reel and Rod This Wm. M. Stuart item is one of the weirdest tackle contraptions I have ever seen, and I didn't fall off the tater truck yesterday. It looks like either an early fire hose nozzle or some form of Victorian Colonic hygiene device. However it is actually the earliest and rarest rod reel combo ever constructed. It was patented August 29th, 1865, just months after the end of the American Civil War, and comes with its original velvet lined wood box. In the much loved and respected works of Steve Vernon and Marry Kelly, careful notice has been taken of this historic item. I suspect it is vastly undervalued at the estimated value of $5-$7K. If there was ever an item that would be the center piece of an early tackle collection, this has to be it.

2) 1428: Shakespeare Hoosier Indiana Style Reel. Collectors who are drawn to Indiana style reels invariably put two models somewhere on their A-list. The first is usually the CCBC Wawasee, one of the few reels ever offered for sale by the company. The other is the Hoosier, from the Shakespeare Company, which produced literally hundreds of reel models ranging from fly to casting to salt water. However, the Hoosier was a unique style and name and was offered for only a very short period. It can be found in three varieties as I recall. The reel is harder to find than the estimated value ($100-$150) indicates. I have seen them offered in the $300-400 range and easily sell. What is especially fetching on this reel is the intact under spool line guide (which many fisherman removed) and the often missing spring wire spool latch.

L.P. Brooks is likewise a multi-threat collector with broad knowledge in many areas. Here are his choices:

1) 1431: 2 Vintage Boxed Go-ite Casting Reels A pleasant break from chasing the heavy hitter items is this nice pair of boxed Goite reels. Always an interesting design item. You seldom run across a pair, boxed, with original paper. This lot provides a unique opportunity to quickly plus up your Goite collection without breaking the bank at Monte Carlo.

2) 1436: A. Clerk & Co. NY Brass Ball Handle Reel This super ball handle reel brings with it a sense of reel collecting history. A Clerk & Co, were the predecessors to Abbie & Imbrie and provided a fine line of quality products for the discerning fisherman of that era. Although not perfect, it a fine example of the reels of that era and would be an A+ addition to any collection.

Gary Smith is not just the assistant editor of the NFLCC Magazine and the reason I start reading every edition from back-to-front, he is a dedicated collector of many things including carded flies. Here are his inspired choices:

I don't believe I've seen everything listed in the Lang auction because, as usual, it's a bit overwhelming and I tend to get sidetracked clicking on individual lots for a better look. Excuse me if my choices are a bit vague, but I find it impossible, at least at this point, to narrow them down. You'll see....

1) Just about any of the 240 Ernest Schwiebert Items There are so many things listed that belonged to Schwiebert, and I'm torn between the flies he tied and some of his original artwork. This is a rare opportunity to pick and choose between personally crafted items by a true legend. I'm tempted to place a handful of bids and hope that at least one hits the mark. It would be an honor to own, and cherish, something that was a part of his life.

2) Vintage Canoe Seats The canoe seats are terrific. I don't have room for an honest to God old, original canoe, but a vintage seat would display nicely in my fishing inner sanctum. What a neat visual of an earlier, slow-paced and carefree time!

3) The Tuttle Items. This must be a record for sheer volume of Tuttle items listed. I love Tuttle bugs and I especially like the handsome, early two-piece pasteboard boxes. Talk about display appeal!

4) 1700: Oscar Peterson 9" Pike Fish Decoy Oscar Peterson pike decoy. I'm not a spearing decoy collector, but to me, Peterson decoys are in a class all by themselves. I am enthralled with the sweeping contours, the instantly familiar style and find the paint enormously appealing. There are two listed in this auction and I like both of them.

In my dream of dreams, I attend a Lang's auction just after cashing in a mega millions lottery ticket. And what's the fun of living if we can't dream?

Chris Labuz, the Horrocks-Ibbotson king, weighs in on his choices from the catalog and comes up with the following pics:

1) 384: Exceptional Mead Tied Praying Mantis Fly Of the 10,000 or so flies in the catalog, #384 Exceptional Hand Tied Praying Mantis is just a small work of art. Just wonderful detail.

2)1427: RARE Patent Model Stuart Marked Reel and Rod My fascination with all antiques and gears leads me to this item. The imagination and talent that went into this 1865 classic is remarkable.

3) 885: Early Blown Glass Fish Egg Hatchery Jar. How to have fun serving drinks at your next party when your "favorite" guest is drinking out of a glass used for fermenting salmon eggs.

Patrick Garner is in recovery right now, having just finished his epic book Playing With Fire: The Life & Fly Rod of Eustis W. Edwards, due out at the end of May. He came out of hiding just long enough to send the following choices:

Couple favorites (or eye-catchers)...

1) 51: Ernest Schwiebert Original Art for Trout Fishing. Schwiebert sketch of rods by Thomas, Edwards & Payne.

2) 326: Exceptional Framed Dettes Fly Collection. The Dettes have always been my favorite Catskill tyers.

3) 800: Fly Rod Maker H.S. Gillum Ephemera Pinky Gillum ephemera, including letterhead etc. The most exciting item in this group is his salesman's bamboo rod section, a further indication that he actively solicited rod sales!

4) 1545: 7' Carlson? Mount Carmel 5 Sided Fly Rod. A 7' Sam Carlson "Mt Carmel" 5-sided trout rod, no doubt a tribute to his original days w/ the Edwards.

That's it! My thanks to everyone for contributing. Tomorrow I get my shot at dissecting the Lang's catalog.

-- Dr. Todd

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