Monday, April 7, 2008

News of the Week: 07 April 2008

A proposed ban on West Coast salmon fishing...Griz Gryzwinski is a hall-of-famer...the Oberlin Holy Mackeral Fishing Flea Market is a big hit...are anglers athletes?...a campaign to save the shark...Larry Dahlberg catches a big catfish...Zane Grey gets a must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Collapse of salmon run leads some to consider a West Coast fishing ban.

The London Times declares there is more to fishing than meets the fly.

St. Paul, MN native Griz Gryzwinski is headed for the Fishing Hall of Fame.

Oberlin's Fishing Flea Market is a big hit.

Carbotex Fish Line makes it American debut.

One reporter asks whether fishermen are athletes. Look around the local boat launch and ask the question yourself...

From the Good News File: Angler wins campaign to save the shark.

J.B. Webb cleans up a sticky situation.

A local bait shop that keeps customers coming back.

Larry Dahlberg catches a BIG catfish.

Beware: the Northern Pike looms in many waters.

Tarpon research program hopes to enlist the help of local Florida anglers.

Canadians get bitten by the fly fishing bug.

Whitewater, WI angler breaks state Sauger record

Finishing with a Flourish: Zane Grey and his fishing exploits get a boost from his hometown of Zanesville, Ohio.

-- Dr. Todd

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