Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fishing for History Has Gone Global

Thought I'd share this with everyone, as I found it to be pretty cool. My little blog has now been read in over 80 different countries, but I thought I'd show you a recent two hour block from last Wednesday to give you a bit of a visual:

We've definitely gone global--20 different countries represented in just a two hour span! One of the things the sitemeter allows me to do is to see where visitors come from, and interestingly enough, most foreign visitors come via Google. Many of them stay and explore the site, and hopefully return again at a later date.

So to all my foreign visitors, welcome! I suggest if you are interested in the subject, you should explore the many links to the right, like Joe's Message Board and ORCA's Reel Talk, where you'll come across a ton of interesting information on fishing, fishing history, and collectable fishing tackle.

And no matter where you are, be good to others, and yourself.

-- Dr. Todd

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