Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Review: The New Lang's On-Line Store

Like many collectors, I attempted to access the new Lang's On-Line store that launched last night with no luck. Apparently, I was not the only one to experience this problem. I guess there were too many people like me who were curious and it simply overwhelmed their server. I know from past experience it can be difficult to anticipate how many people will use a new web site, and clearly they underestimated the appeal of this new venture.

This Billinghurst sold quickly for $2000.

After perusing the entire listings, I must say that I was impressed with the listings. In particular, I thought the reels were very reasonably priced--certainly in a number of instances less than you would pay for the same reel on an eBay auction. There are a number of scarce reels (such as the Billinghurst I'm sure sold very, very quickly). The lures seem to be selling less quickly, but there are still a number of bargains to be found there. I thought the seven Millsite Daily Doubles for $75 would go really quickly. The Rod and Misc. sections have very few listings, but I imagine they will not be much different than the other two categories.

These four river runt spooks for $100 probably won't last long

As always, the photography is crisp and clean, and shows the items clearly. The site is also easy to navigate. All in all, the Lang's Store promises to be a nice addition for the collecting community, once they work out all the technical bugs.

-- Dr. Todd

PS John and Debbie Ganung, Lang's owners, have posted a nice response to their opening day that is well worth reading. We here at Fishing for History wish them the best in this interesting endeavor.

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