Monday, January 14, 2008

The News of the Week, 14 January 2008

Superman catches Marlin with bare hands...the joys of catch-and-release whale shark fishing...14 year old is better fisherman than you are...recycling used CDs into fishing lures...the Kiwis show us their John Dory...using your loaf to attract bites must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: New Big Game Saltwater rod, reel, and tackle: $1500. Saltwater charter boat: $600. Out-of-state fishing licence: $50. Watching some random dude catch a marlin with his bare hands while strolling on the beach? Priceless.

Lang's gets more happy news as the hobby of collecting gets a boost from National business weekly Barron's.

Phillipino fishermen practice catch-and-release on a titanic scale...with a whale shark.

The In-Fisherman opines on circle hooks.

Skeptical curmudgeon declares internet to be flawed concerning fishing tackle.

An elegant piece from New Zealand on shore fishing is a must read.

14-Year Old is a Better Angler Than You Are: Catches 40 pound catfish from shore.

This Week in Know Your New Zealand Fishes: The John Dory.

The Roanoke Times profiles Fred Pugh, legendary bass angler.

The Washington Post publishes an article by a woman hooked on...taxidermy?

Odd Blog Entry #4320: Izaac Walton and worm fishing.

Gary Ralston has an idea for how to recycle those old CDs...turn them into fishing lures!

Idiot thieves steal fishing tackle with sentimental value.

From the Trite Phrase & Headline Files: "Fishing Show Lures Anglers." Congratulations, Granite City Press, on the first TP&H Award of 2008!

The Fredrick News-Post has the cure for cabin fever: Outdoor Shows.

Keith Elliot opines on New York's Oldest Tackle Shop.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports on a new line spooling box.

The Chicago Daily-Herald, you know, the other Chicago paper that still carries outdoor news, reports on the greatest fishing magnet of them all: walleyes.

New York Game & Fish Magazine reports on the top 10 ice fishing lakes in the Empire State.

Jennifer Koski relates the tale of a husband, a fish house, and a whole lot of ice fishing.

Headline of the Weak: "Angler Uses His Loaf to Attract Pike."

Angler driven insane vents about fishing in a classic letter to the editor. Quote of the year: "The only thing that requires more maintenance than fishing gear is a helicopter."

The Charlotte Observor reports on a state record White Crappie.

Finishing with a Flourish: Man Bites Fish. Seriously. Couldn't make this stuff up.

-- Dr. Todd

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