Monday, January 21, 2008

News of the Week, 21 January 2008

A kiwi fisherman set adrift fights off killer sharks with his fishing rod...a Haskell Minnow strolls in off the street at an NFLCC show...the Kiwis love their Blue Cod...the Aussies can't get enough Dave...hide the good china, the Trout Bums are coming...a fish story involving eagles, an airboat, and a really big must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

THE BIG LEAD: Shocker of the Year: Man Sold Stolen Fishing Tackle on eBay.

Joe's Message Board reports that a Haskell Minnow walked into the Milwaukee NFLCC Show, and sold for over $20,000.

The Louisville Courier-Journal shows us how to learn on the fly.

Sam Cook, my hometown outdoor writer--and one of the best in the business--opines on the demise of lead shot for hunters and anglers.

Phil White--after some technical web site issues have been solved--gives us the eBay report for December 2007.

Ben Wright opines on the state of Spinning Reels in his December 2007 Spinning Reel Report.

North Carolina attracts anglers searching for fifty pound bass.

Iowa City's KCRG reports on fish lure carver Dan Mascal. Complete with video.

Texas High School Freshman is Better Angler than You: Boats 13 pound largemouth.

Hartford residents rejoice, a new tackle shop has just opened.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports on a new book on Baja Fishing. You stay classy, San Diego.

The Michigan City News-Dispatch reports on old tackle for kids, an idea gaining steam.

This Week in Know Your New Zealand Fish: The Blue Cod.

North Carolinians spend $1.7 billion on outdoor pursuits. That's a lot of Scooter Poopers.

Aussies can't get enough of Dave...

The Oklahoma Outdoorsman reports on the secret behind Lucky Craft lures with real skin.

UK's Dorest Echo reports on a "fish of a lifetime."

What do you do when fish bums come to town? Why, watch a movie of course. Oh, and hide the good China too.

Fish & Fly tells us about the joys of micro flies.

The Hickory Record reports on a local angler who wants to be a positive influence on youth.

A fish tale involving an airboat, eagles, and a hellaciously large catfish.

The New York Times reports on Rod, Reel & City.

Budding journalist hoping to write story on sturgeon fishing hooks TWO seven foot monsters.

The Concord Monitor reports on a man who's sharp on carp. Complete with yummy chum recipe.

Angler boats 500 pound sturgeon.

The Daily Lafaeytte Advertiser spotlights Olivier's Custom Rod Shop.

Georgie Sportsman Magazine reports on a monster striper.

The Albany Times-Union opines on antique fishing tackle.

The Baxter Bulletin profiles modern lure maker Gary Baker.

Phil White reports on a disturbing eBay trend concerning fishing tackle.

Wally Murray, Hoagy Carmichael, and others opine on the past and present state of the Museum of American Fly Fishing.

Finishing with a Flourish: Kiwi fishermen set adrift battle off sharks with fishing rods for nine hours.

-- Dr. Todd

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