Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Funhouse

The Friday Funhouse

The Northern Pike is a true water wolf; when given the choice, the Pike prefers a nice piece of bass.

Things I Would Buy If I Could Afford Them

Your auction of the week is clearly this Salish Native American creel that formerly resided in the Granville Sportfishing Museum.

Here is an awesome Pequea salesman's sample case.

They don't come much nicer than this awesome Bauman's Minnow Cage in the box.

One of the best reels up this week is this rare Seamaster fly reel made for Debie Waterman.

A 1903 Hardy Bros. catalog is breaking the bank.

This great Orvis 8' fly rod is dated 1910.

One of the great fishing lures in history--the 1885 Pflueger Luminous Crystal Minnow.

An awesome E.W. Edwards & Son fly rod.

A really interesting bait this week is the Davis Lure Co. Lectro-Lure in the box.

As a long-time collector of fluted spinners, I am shocked at how much this Winchester fluted in the box is going to bring.

A toy Evinrude 35hp in the box will sell for more than a real Evinrude 35hp did in its day...

This is a nifty hand-forged fishing spear

This Howe's Vacuum Bait in the tin box is a true classic.

A rare Pontiac Radium Minnow is a tough find.

A not often seen Rider Casting Reel rounds out the Funhouse for today.

Be good to yourself and others.

-- Dr. Todd

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