Monday, January 28, 2008

News of the Week, 28 January 2008

Shark's head is cut off because it won't let go of Aussie angler's leg...A Virginian state record striper...Meet the codfather...Wisconsin has VHS problems that don't involve rewound tapes...Beware the Tiger Fish!...Miss Minnesota makes her home state proud...A failed dream of hosting a TV fishing show leads Oklahoma public official down sordid path to jail...Californians are still insane...Stranded fishermen drink shark's blood to survive 11 days adrift...It must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Killer Mako shark's head cut off in order to free Australian fisherman from Jaws of Death. You read that correctly. You may now shudder in horror.

Author and rodmaker Jeff Hatton gets some love from The Rocky Mountain News.

The Louisville Courier profiles the Kentuckiana fly fishing show.

The Berkshire Eagle argues for Catch-and-Release Ice Fishing.

Karl White is profiled in the latest edition of News Oklahoma.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazettes want you to meet the Burbot. And no, they're not talking about Ben Roethlisberger.

The Bangor Daily News opines on fly rodding for billfish.

Fish are seeing red...hooks, that is.

Virginia Angler boats state record 73 pound Striper.

This week in Know Your New Zealand Fish: The Kingfish.

Meet the Codfather.

The Wisconsin DNR is in hot water over its VHS rules. And we're not talking about "be kind, rewind."

The Dayton Daily News ponders the question of why Great Lakes anglers are declining in numbers.

The Weston & Somerset Mercury shows how young anglers can get hooked on the fishing.

When fishing in Mozambique, Beware the Tiger Fish!

Why South Africans believe a ban on abalone will lead to its extinction.

Broken dream of hosting own fishing show leads Oklahoma public official on sordid path towards corruption and jail.

Sacramento's Channel CW31 profiles fly rod maker Larry Tusoni.

Reason #4491 that Anglers Are Better People than Non-Fishers: Angler loses rod. Another angler catches same rod from the ocean. Rod and owner are reunited. Cue the violins.

From the "Why Middle America Thinks Californians Are Insane" File: Four months after destroying over a million Northern Pike for being an invasive species, the California DNR prepares to stock Lake Davis with one million non-native trout.

Miss Minnesota makes her home state proud by introducing herself at the Miss America contest: "Where we consider ice fishing to be a major league sport, I'm Miss Minnesota!"

The Amador Ledger-Dispatch opines on fishing ethics.

Finishing with a Flourish: Pacific island fishermen stranded on the ocean for 11 days survive by drinking shark's blood.

-- Dr. Todd

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