Monday, January 7, 2008

News of the Week, 08 January 2008

A four year old girl is a better angler than you are...Al Lindner plays with his tackle...Everol comes to America (again)...A 50-pound striper on 2-pound test line...A pike party in Michigan's Tip Up City...The Kiwis tango with the Spiny Dancer...a 7-year old kid catches a world-record Smallmouth, sort must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead:: 4-Year Old Girl is Better Angler Than You; catches 50 pound Black Drum on Pink Reel and Barbie Fishing Pole. Complete with video. You may now gently weep .

Sad News: Noted Pflueger collector and NFLCC member Lou Bacigalupo has passed away.

Al Lindner still like to play with his tackle.

A Save-the-Fluke fund has been inaugurated.

From the Slightly Fish-Related Cryptozoology Files: Debating the merits of America's Loch Ness Monster--the Lake Champlain Monster "Champy." And no, it doesn't really exist.

Alabama has big news as a Mobilian now owns exclusive rights to sell Everol reels in America.

From the Personal Interest Files: A Fishing Birthday Party is a big hit.

UK Fishing Writer Keith Elliot gets a nice letter from Pres. Jimmy Carter, thanks to his recent purchase at Lang's Auctions.

Alabama Game & Fish tells us about Stripers in the Cotton State.

Wayne Hooper argues that fishermen need to clean up their act by eliminating lead sinkers.

UK Angler lands a near record bass...and no, its not a largemouth.

Let's hear it for light line fishing: a 50 pound Striper on 2 pound test!

A legendary fly angler comes to California, perhaps for the last time...

The Arizona Republic declares the outdoor industry as big business. Next week's groundbreaking Republic expose: chocolate and peanut butter make tasty combo.

Michigan fishermen still love their hand lines and reels.

Dave Richey extols the virtues of fishing alone.

The Susquehanna River is a hidden treasure...for walleye fishing?

Dave & Emily Whitlock visit Kettering High School and the Miami Valley Fly Fishers club.

Dennis Anderson of The Minneapolis Star-Tribune believes (as I do) that moving up Minnesota's fishing opener a week is a big mistake.

The Daily Freeman reports that ice fishing might be a dying sport.

Our Midland (Michigan) reports that in Tip Up City there is no party like a pike party...because a pike party never stops.

There is a new world-record Giant Grouper caught off the African coast.

This Week in Know Your New Zealand Fishes, Part I: The Spiny Dancer.

This Week in Know Your New Zealand Fishes, Part II: The Warehou. (and Rick Clunn) declares the return of the Fred Young-inspired square bill crankbait.

Finishing With a Flourish: 7-Year Old breaks smallmouth world record...Smallmouth Buffalo, that is.

-- Dr. Todd

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