Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Voices from the Past: Hildebrandt's Night Bugs (1919)

HILDEBRANDT NIGHT BUG AND BUCKTAIL SHINER.- Made by the John J . Hildebrandt Co., Logansport, Ind. These two new lures of the Hildebrandts are right in line with the new era in the fly game. The Night-Bug is tied to resemble a night moth and the yellow, brown and white combination with the luminous body makes a cracking good lure for night fly-fishing. This is a floating fly and used with a small aluminum spinner it makes a strong play for the bass at night and that is the time to get the big ones. The fly is well tied and has twin hooks working out of the under side of the body. The Bucktail Shiner is light enough for the fly-rod and still large enough to be attractive, and the move of the bucktail hair in the water makes a rather enticing lure for game fish. More and more the hair fly will be used and this bucktail minnow tied on a No. 1-0 sneck hook is a pleasing departure from the usual run of flies. This fly is a good lure for a dark day especially and I have found it successful for both bass and trout. Both these lures are well made and tied with the usual skill of the Hildebrandts and for the angler who delights in trying the 'new stuff, and wants to try it with the idea that it will help him land the big ones, these two flies can be recommended as good dope and worthy of the try on the next fishing trip.

Night Bug ad from 1920 courtesy Jim Jordan.

-- Dr. Todd

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