Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How's This for Bizarre ...

How about this for crazy ... I was driving to the airport late Sunday evening to pick up someone who was taking a red eye in from New York. The plane was originally scheduled to land about 11:20 pm so I planned on leaving at 10:30 to give myself enough time to get there (usually around 30 minutes but lately there's been lots of construction).

Well I got a text that the flight was delayed fifteen minutes so I left at 10:45. I get a few miles down the road on I-75 to take the bridge across the river to the airport in Northern Kentucky when I see about two dozen cop cars blow past me at high speed and lights flashing. About a half mile down the highway is blocked by cop cars, forcing us off on to Beekman street, in the middle of a rough part of town.

The cops created a cordon where you pretty much could not exit and so a huge line of cars inched their way for a mile down the street before taking a left on Westwood Northern Avenue to a single lane entrance ramp to I-75 South. So I get back on to I-75 South near the river and I go on to the airport after about a 40 minutes delay, puzzled by all the cops I see streaming the other way.

Turns out one of the overpasses on I-75 collapsed about fifteen minutes before I got there, killing one. 200 tons of concrete fell to the ground at right around the time I would have been driving near it if the plane wasn't delayed ... Weird.

What is it about me and bridge collapses? My thoughts and prayers go out to the deceased construction worker and injured truck driver, and I am thankful no one else was hurt.

— Dr. Todd

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