Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Voices from the Past: Heddon (1906)

The following article was published in The Western Field: The Pacific Coast Magazine for April 1906. It contained the accompanying ad which is an interesting piece of Heddon history in its own right. It's certainly hard to believe today, but in 1906 lures were still considered a "novelty."


A most artistic book showing the famous "Dowagiac" casting and trolling baits and their peculiar blended colors, is being distributed this year by Jas. Heddon & Son. of Downglac. Mich., whose advertisement appears in this Issue. The color plates, which must cost many hundreds of dollars, are simply perfect, and the perfect workmanship of "Dowaglac" bait is shown in a perfect piece of printing. Every sportsman will be interested in seeing this exceptional booklet. It will be sent free on request by Jas. Heddon & Son.

These manufacturers have certainly established themselves generally in the good graces of sportsmen throughout the United States and Canada by the high quality of their novel and unique productions. They have established a new standard in design and quality, all their products and their goods representing the very highest attainment in fishing tackle productions.

Reports reaching us from many parts of the country indicate that lovers of the rod are breaking records with the use of the "Dowagiac" casting and trolling halts. The advantages of artificial bait are being conceded more and more even by those who formerly thought that live bait alone served the best purposes. It is pretty well known that in the great majority of cases game fish strike only to attack the lure, and if the artificial bait is made right It will attract more fish and certainly will keep the fish on the hook when he might slip off ordinary bait.

A piece of painted wood with some twisted metal attached is no criterion for artificial bait, and the sportsman cannot judge the value of artificial bait by any such standard.

A perfect trial with the right kind of artificial bait quickly convinces you that you can catch more fish and bigger fish than with live bait, not to speak of the many conveniences of the artificial bait.

We are glad to say – and most sportsmen will agree with us – that the Dowagiac casting and trolling baits represent the acme of fishing tackle productions. The manufacturers Jas. Heddon & Son, of the Dowagiac, Mich., have set a new standard in the design and qualitv or their products. This year they are issuing a book showing their minnows from beautifully blended colors, the printing of which cost many hundreds of dollars. These color plates are as perfect and beautiful as any we ever saw. "Drop a line" to Jas. Heddon & Son Dowagiac, Mich., and you will catch one of the booklets.

-- Dr. Todd

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