Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Art of the Lure with Elissa Ruddick: The Heddon "00" in the “Pine Tree” Box

Often times the beauty of an antique lure is not only about the lure itself, but also about the box it came packaged in. One of Heddon’s most sought after boxes by collectors today is commonly referred to as the “Pine Tree” box, due to the lovely green pine trees shown in abundance in the background. Also notice that the leaping bass, with no lure shown in its mouth, is pointing toward the left, and is not only outlined by the many pine trees, but also by the bright blue sky behind the pine trees. This is the only Heddon box that shows such scenery, and if I were guessing as to why Heddon didn’t use this box very long, my guess would be for just that reason; there was too much “scenery.” This box was only used by Heddon for a short time, around the 1911-1912 era. The next generation of boxes would focus more on the “game fish” by doing away with the lovely scenery in the background, and showing a largemouth bass leaping to the right, with a Heddon lure in its mouth!

The five hook “00” lure sitting on top of this box, although not pristine, is the original lure that was packed into it over 100 years ago. The proud owner used it, might have even caught a fish or two, then placed it back into it’s scenic home. Whatever Heddon’s reason was to stop using the “Pine Tree” box is anyone’s guess, but I bet if they would have had someone in charge like the late and great painter Bob Ross, there would have always been a pine tree on the box, and of course the pine tree would have always had a “little friend!”

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-- Elissa Ruddick

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