Monday, June 2, 2014

In The News: Jeremy Wade Goes Global

My daughter is an unabashed fan of Jeremy Wade, the host of the NatGeo television show River Monsters. I know he is a bit of a lightning rod among fishing enthusiasts, as he tends to be hyperbolic about the "dangers" of certain fish (the lake sturgeon as a river monster? Really?)

I, however, greatly enjoy his television show. I think it sends the message that fishing can be fun and exciting, and that it can also be mysterious. You never know what you're going to pull out of the water, after all, and the big one can always be just a moment away. In the same way that the show Wicked Tuna also promotes interest in the sport of angling, River Monsters makes a point to always return the fish to the water, thus promoting conservation.

It's been interesting to watch the growth of Jeremy Wade's celebrity. This article from The Phillipine Star is a perfect example of just how global his reach has become. It's an interesting interview and worth a read.

-- Dr. Todd

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