Monday, June 9, 2014

In the News: The Passing of Hamilton Fisk Biggar III

A little over a week ago news broke over the passing of Hamilton Fisk "Ham" Biggar, III, the noted conservationist and fly angler from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Fisk was a legend in the northern part of Ohio, working with numerous organizations over the past four decades including Ducks and Trout Unlimited. He was past president of the The Trout Club of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and an accomplished athlete who served on the U.S. Squash Association's board and founded a number of disco dance clubs in the 1970s, among many other accomplishments.

A member of a famed Cleveland family (his great-great-grandfather was Dr. Hamiton Fisk Biggar, who was John D. Rockefeller's personal physician and his uncle Jim Biggar was CEO of Nestle), he was technically Ham Biggar V (his father changed his name from H.F. Biggar IV to Jr. to avoid being made fun of during WWII).

Biggar was larger than life and spent most of his time promoting Cleveland and Ohio outdoors. He passed away at the age of 67, far too young. He will be very missed in all corners of the Buckeye state.

-- Dr. Todd

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