Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Art of the Lure with Elissa Ruddick: Heddon 110 Series River Runt

Introduced in 1929, the 110 series River Runt would turn out to be one of Heddon’s longest running and most popular wooden lures ever produced. Although plastic was making its way into lure manufacturing and would eventually reign supreme, the wooden 110s were produced until 1952, even during the same years that Heddon was producing their plastic version bearing the same name of “River Runt.” From 1933 through 1952 (with the exception of Heddon’s contribution to the U.S. wartime efforts from 1942 through 1945 when no lure was being made) one could still order the 110 series and/or a multitude of the plastic “Spook” versions that the 110 series inspired. Through the years, the 110s went through several eras of hardware changes, including cup rig, L-rig, toilet seat, flap rig and one piece, and they also went from having glass eyes, to zinc eyes, and then lastly to having painted eyes.

Pictured here in its correctly marked “Brush” box, is a circa 1935 110 series in a non-cataloged color, 119LRH, Perch Scale with Red Head. The 1935 Heddon catalog advertised the 110 series as “Little, - but what a Fish-Getter!” and “A bait that has gained National popularity on merit alone.” The popularity of the 110 series River Runt has really never ceased, as they are still just as irresistible to collectors as they were to the bushels of fish they caught throughout their 23-year run.

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-- Elissa Ruddick

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