Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The World's Most Collectable Snagged Hook Releaser?

The World's Most Collectable Snagged Hook Releaser?

The Patented Fish Hook Releaser of Omer Immell

A few months ago we ran an interesting history of Omer Immell, the creator of the iconic Chippewa fishing lure -- perhaps the most popular collectable lure in history. While most people attribute the Chippewa lure to around 1910, I found a really neat ad dated August 1908 that advertised a different kind of Immel product. It advertised the Immel "Snagged" Hook Releaser, a device for unhooking a bait from an underwater snag. It was made in two sizes and was sold by the Immel Manufacturing Company, meaning the firm that made the Chippewa was in business as early as the summer of 1908.

Immell eventually received Patent #892,730 for his fish hook releaser, issued July 07, 1908 (applied for only ten weeks before on April 24, 1908).

A terrific piece of Immel history, I'd love to see one of these. Does anyone own one?

As an aside, Immell was a creative inventor, and also patented a gaff hook he called a "Fish Grapple" in 1916:

-- Dr. Todd


Terry Larsen writes:

Yes I own one  and I have seen others. They are marked Immell Mfg. Co. on the lead around the base of the bullet-shaped weight. They were originally individually attached to a card but I do not have one on the card. I bought mine years ago at the first National in Pheasant Run. I travelled hundreds of miles to buy one when they were made 30 miles from me. Kinda ironic.

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