Monday, April 25, 2011

News of the Week: 25 April 2011

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Billy Pate passes away…Rapala setting the standard…the most influential bass fishing lures?…landing a rattlesnake…and a dead body…a trip ends with a bang…Bob Clouser teaches casting…spring rites for fly anglers…Wally Marshall gets profiled…future of Japanese angling…an interview with Jeremy Wade…the making of a salmon industry…it must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Fly fishing pioneer Billy Pate passes away. A neat article from the Miami Herald here.

A really nice tribute to a deceased fishing friend.

In Park Rapids, Rapala sets the standard.

Wired 2 Fish ends its run of the 20 most influential bass fishing lures.

Catch of the Week: Gordon Jack lands a rattlesnake.

NOT the Catch of the Week: Belarusian catches man's dead body.

An exciting day indeed out on the river ends with a bang.

Bob Clouser demonstrates casting techniques.

A secretive cult celebrates spring rites.

A profile of Wally Marshall, the Crappie King.

A monster cod is landed in Britain.

The future of Japanese fishing.

Field & Stream features the Jensen Froglegs.

Paddlefish snagging

A short interview with Jeremy Wade of River Monsters fame.

Finishing with a Flourish: How the Salmon Fishery of the Great Lakes was invented.

-- Dr. Todd

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