Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jeremy Wade: Extreme Angler and Vintage Tackle User

Jeremy Wade: Extreme Angler and Vintage Tackle User

I am a huge fan of Animal Planet's hit series River Monsters and its host and "extreme angler" Jeremy Wade. The show is great fun (in an "entertainment" way) and my 11-year old daughter is a huge fan. We were watching last week's episode when my daughter said, "Jeremy's fishing with one of Uncle Marc's lures." As I was preoccupied at the moment I said, "sure thing, dear." But she insisted. "No, it's one of Uncle Marc's lures." I looked up…and lo and behold, Jeremy Wade was fishing with a Heddon River Runt Spook Sinker. And not a new one, either! As my brother has a huge display of River Runt Spooks that are my daughter's favorite to look at, she remembered what they looked like.

Here are a few screen caps:

The intrepid Wade surveys the menacing Papau, New Guinea landscape. He needs a weapon to take on the omnivorous Pacu..

What's this? A wobbler.

He checks the balance of this deadly piscatorial weapon.

It's a Heddon River Runt Spook Sinker!

In Perch Scale.

And it's not a new one, either!

I think it was a splendid choice for Pacu fishing in New Guinea, although I usually like a Millsite Beatle Bug for fishing invasive species in South Asia.

You can check out Animal Planet's neat web site devoted to the series by Clicking Here. And don't forget to catch new episodes of River Monsters on Animal Planet on Sunday nights at 10:00 EST!

-- Dr. Todd

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