Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Review: Fred Sweeney's Creek Speak

Thursday Review: Fred Sweeney's Creek Speak

Today we are going to review a very educational lure web site on one of my favorite companies, the Creek Chub Bait Company. It was designed and built by Fred Sweeney and it's called "CreekSpeak," and it basically covers all things Creek Chub.

The web site is divided into seven sections, including Educational, Virtual Lure Show, More Creek Chub, and Show 'n Tell.

The first of these--Educational--covers sixteen separate articles on various aspects of Creek Chub lures. They include great articles on the history of CCBC, early metal CCBC baits, grading CCBC lures, Shur Strike rarities, CCBC Direction Cards, and a bunch of other materials. It's incredibly comprehensive and very, very interesting.

The Virtual Lure Show covers a series of baits, the current issue includes the #300 Crawdad, the #400 Baby Crawdad, and the #500 Open Mouth Shiner. Like all the pages, it has useful color photos and descriptive text.

The More Creek Chub is my favorite page. It contains photos of boxes and cartons, signs and displays, catalogs and flyers, and other misc. tackle collectables related to CCBC. It is really nice to see someone who pays enough attention to detail on a site like this, where it would have been easy to overlook a printing block, for example. Here, we get an awesome compilation of materials.

The Show 'n Tell section covers photos of some really rare and beautiful CCBC baits, for example a #3300 Sarasota in Silver Flash.

Overall CreekSpeak is an incredibly informative and useful web site. It has a ton of information vital to CCBC collectors, and is easily navigable. Many kudos to Fred Sweeney for taking the time to put this web site up for all CCBC and tackle collectors.

CreekSpeak can be found byClicking Here.

-- Dr. Todd

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