Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Review of Classic Angling (Nov-Dec 2010)

A Review of the Latest Issue of CLASSIC ANGLING

Today, we get a review of the latest issue of the British magazine Classic Angling. It is the Nov/Dec 2010 issue (No. 68) and includes a ton of great information.

As always, the magazine starts with news of use to classic angling fans, and it leads with the sad news that noted angling book dealer Judith Bowman is retiring. Judy has run her angling book store for 30+ years, but has finally decided to close up shop. Very sad news indeed. Another story of interest is the piece on The First Five Waltons, covering in some detail the great set of early Walton books sold by Sotheby's. There is, of course, all the latest updates on tackle auctions from around the world.

Feature stories include "The Man Who Almost Won" by David Hall, about the shock election that saw Bird become president of the U.K.'s National Federation of Anglers; Keith Elliott's "Now Its Time For Another 1000" about remarkable angler Steve Wozniak, who has caught 1000 species of fish; Neil Freeman's "My Quest to Find the Right Man to be My River Keeper"; John Bailey's "Is this the End of the Line for the Cauvery?"; and regular columns by Judth Head (Books) and others.

There are two particular articles of note. First, Tom Kerr's "John Conroy: The Early Days" which is a detailed look at this fascinating character. Tom's research is world-class and he definitely deserves great credit for helping us better understand these early tackle makers.

My favorite article is Elliott's in-depth analysis of why the Freshwater Fishing Hall-of-Fame reinstated the Walleye world record. A really informative and fascinating piece that shows that things are never as they appear; new photos show this walleye was indeed a freak of nature. But 25 pounds? Speculation still runs rampant.

All in all, another solid and fascinating issue. The magazine is ably edited by Keith Elliott, and is available through subscription by Clicking Here.

-- Dr. Todd

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