Monday, December 6, 2010

News of the Week: 06 December 2010

Largest vintage tackle collector in New Zealand heads to auction...New Jersey saltwater anglers may face a license...Aussie Sheila is a tackle shop excuse to buy more lures...Dayton tackle shop closes...idiots shotgunning fish go to jail...landing a fish, and a rod to story, Texas fishing style...why a fishing reel is best gift must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Largest collection of vintage tackle in New Zealand history is heading for the auction block.

New Jersey's saltwater anglers face $15 fee for fishing.

Female Australian tackle shop owner gives a seminar.

Finally! An excuse to buy more lures.

A little history of Wright & McGill.

Adios, Fisherman's Quarter.

New Zealand rugby coach Graham Henry wants to improve his fishing record.

Idiots use shotgun to kill fish, get jailed.

One angler catches a fish, and a rod to boot.

These bottom dwellers are ready for some football!

Man brings fishing rod to a fight.

Charming story of a rod, an old shoe, and a classic love story, Texas style.

Now's the time to get your rods and reels repaired.

Finishing with a Flourish:: Fishing reel was the BEST GIFT EVER.

-- Dr. Todd

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