Friday, December 31, 2010

The Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week

Watch the Bluefin Rodeo from Nova Scotia, ca. 1953 and see some big Bluefins, and some awesomely large reels!

Things I Would Buy if Only I Could Afford Them

This is an exceptionally rare Fred Rhodes Casting Minnow.

Heddon Closed Leg Luny Frogs are rare, but especially in red-and-white. Plus, I think he's looking at you…

What would New Year's Eve be without Champagne?

Winston were known for their great rods; this reel is a beauty, though.

A Heddon River Runt Spook in Waterwave? Oh my, and in the correct box!

Speaking of rare River Runt Spooks, check out this XBY variant.

A Phillipson Paragon is a paragon of fly rods.

This strange spinner known as the Walton Speed Bait is always popular.

A Vom Hofe 621 in the box is always a great find.

Hurd Super Casters have a lot of fans, and this one in original shipping carton is a wonderful find.

Billy Pate made some great big game reels.

I like this Meisselbach Tripart #581.

I like this CCBC Fly Rod Dingbat in the box.

This Open Mouth Shiner is a terrific bait in the intro box.

This is a really cool old "Lighter Than Cork" fly rod minnow in the box…anyone know anything about this?

Well, that's it for 2010! Thanks to the 10,000+ individual readers who stop by every week for allowing me to indulge in my passion. Have a great and safe New Year's Eve and a prosperous and healthy 2011. And above all else, please be good to each other, and yourself, in all of your days.

Happy New Year!

-- Dr. Todd

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