Saturday, June 5, 2010

Deconstructing Old Ads with Bill Sonnett

March 1936 Creek Chub “wowser”

Once in a while a full page ad appears that just stops you in your tracks. This ad does that for me. Not only is it a beautiful color ad, but it introduces several new baits for 1936 as well as illustrates a few that are not all that common. 1936 is in the middle of the “Great Depression” and all fishing tackle companies were having tough times but that did not seem to keep them from introducing new lures. Often the baits didn't sell well and were soon discontinued. There are many really rare baits from this period that are far more difficult to find than the baits from the relatively prosperous times of the 1920's. Any Creek Chub collector would be happy to find some of the offerings shown here.

I have included the cover of March 1936 issue of Sports Afield magazine in which this ad appears, as it is as striking to me as the Creek Chub advertisement. Just looking at the moon shining down through the trees has whetted my appetite for night time fishing this coming Summer!

-- Bill Sonnett

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