Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Review: NFLCC Gazette, Summer 2010

Thursday Review: NFLCC Gazette, Summer 2010

Another great NFLCC publication arrived while I was on vacation. The NFLCC Gazette for June 2010. It was an issue chock full of excellent articles.

We begin with a nifty piece by Terry McBurney, noted Michigan author. "Gene's Gem" details a fascinating Flint, MI and Cloquet, MN lure of the same name. It was made by the G.G. Bait Co. in both locales. A nice overview of a heretofore obscure lure.

Kenny Bryan gives us next a really good article on Creek Chub Darters, which gives us a detailed look at one of CCBC's most ppopular baits. Phenomenal stuff.

Fred Sweeney concludes his great analysis of the CCBC Original Series and their Catalog Colors. I am very happy the Gazette published this pure and informative piece of research.

My own contribution was an interview with Bill Sonnett. Bill's a hugely knowledgeable collector and loves fishing with vintage gear. It was great to chat with him for a couple hours and to relate his story.

Colby Sorrells is one of the best writers going and he does not disappoint with his "Presto Chango" article about a relatively unknown lure maker from Bradford, Illinois, who is perhaps the only tackle inventor to have also patented a smoking pipe.

There were some neat small stories, too. Gregg Stockey gave us "Dells Room Show Trading" about, naturally, room trading at the Wisconsin Dells. Includes a neat little vignette about "Grouch" Klawitter who is anything but. Ron Matthews gives us a nice piece on CCBC Dingbat Lures, and John Cole gave us a look at his fully functional Heddon Jenny. Rob Pavey relates a great "Field Find" story.

A fine issue with something for everyone. The NFLCC Gazette is edited by Jim Fleming. Anyone interested in joining the NFLCC can learn more by clicking here.

-- Dr. Todd

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