Monday, June 21, 2010

News of the Week: 21 June 2010

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Female guide Lori-Ann Murphy gets some press...white perch are plentiful...Wilson Dam is nostalgic...Loch Farr has good fishing...Lucy Bowden is a role model...go eat at the Le Coup Franc...the Glorvigen pond serves as fund raiser...Heroes on the Water comes to California...a huge sucker...beautiful bullheads...Heather the Leather is dead...Aussie's Sebile lures...the bass bug classic...a treatise on bamboo must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Female guide Lori-Ann Murphy gets some great press.

The Charlotte Observer declares that tasty white perch are plentiful.

The (fishing) myth and legend of historic Wilson Dam.

The India Business-Standard says Thank God for Plastic Tackle!

Scotland's Loch Farr is fine for fishing.

Lucy Bowden is a role model for female anglers everywhere.

Le Coup Franc in Montbron, France is a classic old-world restaurant and tackle shop.

A profile of the Glorvigen twins, walleye anglers.

A fishing pond serves as a fund raiser for a good cause.

Kayak Angler tells us of Heroes on the Water coming to California.

The Cape Breton Post tells us of the challenges and rewards of long-rod fishing.

This is one big sucker.

Oh, those beautiful bullheads!

The most exciting gamefish in the world.

British anglers lament the loss of Heather the Leather.

Australia's Sebile lures.

A lure for all seasons.

The 2nd annual bass bug classic.

Africa tries to crack down on illegal fishing.

Finishing with a Flourish: Green Earth News tells us about bamboo flshing rods.

-- Dr. Todd

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